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Fellowship Program

Fellowship Director | Dr. Larry Field, MD

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Dr. Larry Field, MD

Sports Medicine Fellowship Director Message

On behalf of the Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Fellowship at Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center (MSMOC), I want to personally welcome you to our fellowship website. Our sports medicine fellowship is an ACGME accredited 12 month program offering 5 approved fellowship positions. All of our sports faculty are committed to the highest quality care for our patients and to educating and training our sports medicine fellows. The MSMOC sports fellowship exposes the 5 fellows to all areas of sports medicine surgical practice including shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle arthroscopic procedures as well as to an extensive experience in hip arthroscopy. In addition, numerous opportunities to participate in a wide variety of open procedures such as reverse shoulder arthroplasty, elbow ligament reconstruction and complex shoulder instability stabilization are available.

Our private practice partnership setting creates unique efficiencies for our sports fellows to learn and develop while also fostering opportunities that maximize their clinical and surgical training experiences. As a consequence, each sports medicine fellow can expect to directly participate in over 1000 surgical cases during their fellowship year. Fellows take part in a wide variety of patient care interactions including clinical office assessments, on-field athletic evaluations and extensive operative experiences.

All fellows rotate through 10 week rotations with each instructor (including a 10 week formal rotation with Drs. Felix (Buddy) Savoie and Michael O’Brien at Tulane University in New Orleans). Each of our sports medicine faculty is a surgical sub-specialist that has tremendous experience in both open and arthroscopic procedures, and all have written and presented extensively both nationally and internationally within their respective areas of expertise. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our sports medicine fellowship program.

Larry D. Field, MD

MSMOC Sports Medicine Fellowship Program Director

Information About Our Rotations

The fellowship year is divided into five rotations each of which lasts 5 weeks and are repeated giving each fellows a total of 10 weeks for each rotation. This format also allows for fellows to learn and develop their clinical and surgical skills in order to derive more from each instructor when they return to the rotation. The different rotations allow for not only different areas of focus but also a wide variety of pathology as well as treatment options and techniques.


Dr. Larry Field

Shoulder & Elbow Specialist
Dr. Field’s rotation focuses on upper extremity pathology and primarily the arthroscopic treatment of the shoulder
and elbow.


Dr. James Ramsey

Shoulder & Elbow Specialist
Dr. Ramsey specializes in the arthroscopic treatment of upper extremity injuries.


Dr. Rhett Hobgood

Shoulder & Elbow Specialist
Dr. Hobgood specializes in the arthroscopic treatment of upper extremity injuries. Dr. Hobgood also has a special emphasis on shoulder arthroplasty.


Dr. Walter Shelton

Knee Specialist
Dr. Shelton focuses on the treatment of lower extremity injuries and pathology with both open and arthroscopic techniques.


Dr. James O’Mara

Hip & Knee Specialist
Dr. O’Mara’s practice is exclusively lower extremity with an emphasis on hip arthroscopies.


Dr. Jason Craft

Hip & Knee Specialist
Dr. Craft’s rotation focuses on the treatment of lower extremity injuries including knee and hip arthroscopy.


Dr. Austin Barrett

Hip & Knee Specialist
Dr. Barrett’s practice focuses on management of injuries and pathology of the lower extremity, including open and arthroscopic treatment of the hip and knee.

Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine’s Fellowship Physicians


Dr. Felix “Buddy” Savoie

Shoulder, Elbow, & Wrist Specialist
Dr. Savoie’s practice in New Orleans focuses on the arthroscopic treatment of both shoulder and elbow pathology. Fellows also work with his partner, Dr. Michael O’Brien, who is also an upper extremity specialist as well as one day with Dr. Heard and Dr. VanSice who treat lower extremity issues.


Dr. Michael O’Brien

Shoulder & Elbow Specialist
Dr. Michael O’Brien’s practice in New Orleans focuses on the arthroscopy of the shoulder and elbow, rotator cuff disease, shoulder and elbow reconstruction including total shoulder replacements and total elbow replacements, sports medicine, ligament reconstruction of the knee, and fracture care in both adults and children.

Information About Our Fellowship

  • Fellows participate in weekly Wednesday morning didactic lectures and a journal club once a month.
  • All the fellows enjoy an all-expense paid trip to the Fall AANA (Arthroscopy Association of North America) and one other course of their choosing.
  • Fellows are also able to participate in various industry sponsored courses.
  • Fellows will also be able to attend (expenses paid) any course for which their research is to be presented.
  • The fellows undergo an extensive operative experience in both upper and lower extremity sports injuries.
  • Fellows should expect to participate in a minimum of 400 knee surgeries and 500 shoulder surgeries as well as numerous hip, elbow and wrist arthroscopic procedures for direct participation in over 1,000 cases a year per fellow.
  • The flexibility of the instructors also allows for fellows to follow faculty on other rotations for the opportunity to participate in particularly interesting or unusual cases.
  • Mississippi Sports Medicine also employs fellowship trained Hand, Foot & Ankle, and Joint faculty that are gladly willing to accommodate fellow participation.
  • Fellows have the opportunity to cover high school, junior college, and collegiate level football.
  • Each fellow is assigned a high school and collegiate level football team to cover throughout the season.
  • Fellows will also assist with a high volume of physicals for athletes in all sports.
  • During football season the fellows run a free Saturday morning clinic with a faculty attending for any of the area athletes.
  • Salary – $55,000
  • Paid Call Coverage
  • $450/night $750/weekend
  • Professional Liability insurance
  • Family Health insurance coverage
  • Complimentary Family gym membership to Healthplex
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