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Computer-Assisted Surgery

We often use Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS) in our joint replacement surgeries, and we want our patients to understand its value.

CAS allows a surgeon to create an exact 3D reproduction of each patient’s geometry. A combination of medical imaging – CT, MRI, ultrasound – can be used. The contrast of this 3D model can show bone or arteries by adjusting its contrast providing views from any angle or depth allowing your physician to best plan your surgical treatment, which will be planned and simulated virtually before your surgery.

The surgical robot will be programmed to do certain movements, which is called surgical navigation, to aid the surgery. The surgeon is still in control, but the navigation system and its complementary software allows him/her to align the bones and joint implants with an exact measurement not permitted with the naked eye, reduce redundancy in his/her actions, and also decrease the time needed to operate.

Using CAS, our surgeons gain a better view (a virtual one) of the operating field. It permits an enhanced plan for each patient’s case before surgery, reduces the possible complications during surgery and actual time in the operating room.

While CAS is widely used in a variety of medical surgeries, it is unprecedented in orthopaedic joint replacements.