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Fellowship Director | Dr. Larry Field, MD

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Dr. Larry Field

Sports Medicine Fellowship Director Message

On behalf of the Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Fellowship at Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center (MSMOC), I want to personally welcome you to our fellowship website. Our sports medicine fellowship is an ACGME accredited 12 month program offering 5 approved fellowship positions. All of our sports faculty are committed to the highest quality care for our patients and to educating and training our sports medicine fellows. The MSMOC sports fellowship exposes the 5 fellows to all areas of sports medicine surgical practice including shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle arthroscopic procedures as well as to an extensive experience in hip arthroscopy. In addition, numerous opportunities to participate in a wide variety of open procedures such as reverse shoulder arthroplasty, elbow ligament reconstruction and complex shoulder instability stabilization are available.

Our private practice partnership setting creates unique efficiencies for our sports fellows to learn and develop while also fostering opportunities that maximize their clinical and surgical training experiences. As a consequence, each sports medicine fellow can expect to directly participate in over 1000 surgical cases during their fellowship year. Fellows take part in a wide variety of patient care interactions including clinical office assessments, on-field athletic evaluations and extensive operative experiences.

All fellows rotate through 10 week rotations with each instructor (including a 10 week formal rotation with Drs. Felix (Buddy) Savoie and Michael O’Brien at Tulane University in New Orleans). Each of our sports medicine faculty is a surgical sub-specialist that has tremendous experience in both open and arthroscopic procedures, and all have written and presented extensively both nationally and internationally within their respective areas of expertise. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our sports medicine fellowship program.

Larry D. Field, MD

Director, MSMOC Sports Medicine Fellowship Program

Mississippi Sports Medicine Fellowship Faculty Physicians


Dr. Larry Field

Shoulder & Elbow Specialist
Dr. Field’s rotation focuses on upper extremity pathology and primarily the arthroscopic treatment of the shoulder
and elbow.


Dr. James Ramsey

Shoulder & Elbow Specialist
Dr. Ramsey specializes in the arthroscopic treatment of upper extremity injuries.


Dr. Rhett Hobgood

Shoulder & Elbow Specialist
Dr. Hobgood specializes in the arthroscopic treatment of upper extremity injuries. Dr. Hobgood also has a special emphasis on shoulder arthroplasty.


Dr. Austin Barrett

Hip & Knee Specialist
Dr. Barrett’s practice focuses on management of injuries and pathology of the lower extremity, including open and arthroscopic treatment of the hip and knee.


Dr. James O’Mara

Hip & Knee Specialist
Dr. O’Mara’s practice is exclusively lower extremity with an emphasis on hip arthroscopies.


Dr. Jason Craft

Hip & Knee Specialist
Dr. Craft’s rotation focuses on the treatment of lower extremity injuries including knee and hip arthroscopy.

Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine’s Fellowship Physicians


Dr. Felix “Buddy” Savoie

Shoulder, Elbow, & Wrist Specialist
Dr. Savoie’s practice in New Orleans focuses on the arthroscopic treatment of both shoulder and elbow pathology. Fellows also work with his partner, Dr. Michael O’Brien, who is also an upper extremity specialist as well as one day with Dr. Heard and Dr. VanSice who treat lower extremity issues.


Dr. Michael O’Brien

Shoulder & Elbow Specialist
Dr. Michael O’Brien’s practice in New Orleans focuses on the arthroscopy of the shoulder and elbow, rotator cuff disease, shoulder and elbow reconstruction including total shoulder replacements and total elbow replacements, sports medicine, ligament reconstruction of the knee, and fracture care in both adults and children.

Dr. William M. R. Heard

General Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Specialist
Dr. Wendell M.R. Heard’s practice in New Orleans focuses on general orthopaedics with a subspecialty in sports medicine.   He is the  Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedics at Tulane. Dr. Heard works along side Dr. Buddy Savoie and Dr. Michael O’Brien.

Information About Our Fellowship

The Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Fellowship at Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center was founded in 1994 by Walter R. Shelton, MD. Under the current leadership of Larry D. Field, MD, our ACGME fully accredited sports medicine fellowship program has grown to offer 5 approved fellowship positions. Every year, our fellows have the privilege of obtaining the best education and training by learning from our world-renowned sports medicine fellowship faculty physicians in both, Jackson, MS and New Orleans, LA. Since originating over 25 years ago, our education spreads nationwide with graduated fellows practicing in over 30 states

  • Fellows participate in weekly Wednesday morning didactic lectures and a journal club once a month.
  • All the fellows enjoy an all-expense paid trip to the Fall AANA (Arthroscopy Association of North America) and one other course of their choosing.
  • Fellows are also able to participate in various industry sponsored courses.
  • Fellows will also be able to attend (expenses paid) any course for which their research is to be presented.
  • Fellows will also be able to attend and participate in our onsite Cadaver Lab.

Information About Our Rotations

The fellowship year is divided into five rotations each of which lasts 5 weeks and are repeated giving each fellows a total of 10 weeks for each rotation. This format also allows for fellows to learn and develop their clinical and surgical skills in order to derive more from each instructor when they return to the rotation. The different rotations allow for not only different areas of focus but also a wide variety of pathology as well as treatment options and techniques.

  • The fellows undergo an extensive operative experience in both upper and lower extremity sports injuries.
  • Fellows should expect to participate in a minimum of 400 knee surgeries and 500 shoulder surgeries as well as numerous hip, elbow and wrist arthroscopic procedures for direct participation in over 1,000 cases a year per fellow.
  • The flexibility of the instructors also allows for fellows to follow faculty on other rotations for the opportunity to participate in particularly interesting or unusual cases.
  • Mississippi Sports Medicine also employs fellowship trained Hand, Foot & Ankle, and Joint faculty that are gladly willing to accommodate fellow participation.
  • Fellows have the opportunity to cover high school, junior college, and collegiate level football.
  • Each fellow is assigned a high school and collegiate level football team to cover throughout the season.
  • Fellows will also assist with a high volume of physicals for athletes in all sports.
  • During football season the fellows run a free Saturday morning clinic with a faculty attending for any of the area athletes.
  • Base Salary – $57,500
  • Paid Call Coverage on top of base salary
  • $500/night $1000/weekend
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Family Health Insurance Coverage
  • Complimentary Family gym membership to Healthplex
  • Complimentary Country Club membership


2018-2019 Fellowship Class

  • Daniel K. Grahl III, MD
  • Justin D. Hallock, MD
  • Robert W. Lindeman, MD
  • Jace R. Smith, MD
  • Kyle Wilson, MD

2017-2018 Fellowship Class

  • George W. Byram, III, MD
  • Wesley S. Greer, MD
  • Michael C. Maxted, MD
  • Cameron J. Phillips, MD
  • Mark R. Wilson, MD

2016-2017 Fellowship Class

  • Collin Bills, MD
  • Kyle Fleck, MD
  • Brian Kelly, MD
  • Matthew Mazoch, MD
  • Danilo Volpini, MD

2015-2016 Fellowship Class

  • Vincent Collin, MD
  • Adam Dooley, MD
  • Wesley Frevert, MD
  • Lawrence O’Malley II, MD
  • John Tullos, MD


  • Tracy Ng, DO
  • Omkar Dave, MD
  • Matthew Lewis, MD
  • Joshua Roehrich, MD
  • Jacob Miller, MD

2013-2014 Fellowship Class

  • Jonathan H. Capelle, MD
  • Steven A. Giuseffi, MD
  • Benjamin S. Miller, MD
  • Patrick M. O’Brien, MD
  • Jeffery B. Whitty, MD


  • James A. Hurt III, MD
  • Randall Lee Murphy, MD
  • Eric C. Stiefel, MD
  • Noah C. Marks, MD
  • Matthew A. Wert, MD

2011-2012 Fellowship Class

  • Mark S. Bailey, MD
  • David G. Brown, MD
  • Sergey S. Dzugan, MD
  • Matt Kamien, MD
  • Michael P. McCabe, MD

2010-2011 Fellowship Class

  • Thomas V. Giel, MD
  • Nicholas D. Iagulli, MD
  • Judson L. Penton, MD
  • Allan Smith, MD
  • Jonathon P. VanKleunen, MD

2009-2010 Fellowship Class

  • Jessica C. Bilotta, MD
  • Bryan C. Fagan, MD
  • Kristofer A. Kimber, MD
  • Jeffrey J. Yaste, MD
  • Mark R. Zunkiewicz, MD

2008-2009 Fellowship Class

  • Robert C. Dews, MD
  • Raymond R. Drabicki, MD
  • Mark I. Morishige, MD
  • Christopher M. Pokabla, MD

2007-2008 Fellowship Class

  • Aaron C. Eubanks, MD
  • Timothy M. Geib, MD
  • Andrew D. Heinzelmann, MD
  • Kurre T. Luber, MD

2006-2007 Fellowship Class

  • Brian T. Brislin, MD
  • Sean P. Grace, MD
  • Sami O. Knan, MD
  • Richard J. Thomas, MD

2005-2006 Fellowship Class

  • Taylor D. Brown, MD
  • Jason W. Levine, MD
  • Manish A. Patel, MD
  • John P. Peden, MD
  • Alan C. Schroeder, MD

2004-2005 Fellowship Class

  • David B. Argo, MD
  • Paul E. Caldwell III, MD
  • Charles G. Haddad Jr., MD
  • Glen A McClung II, MD

2003-2004 Fellowship Class

  • Kenneth J. Brislin, MD
  • Shaun Holt, MD
  • Christopher K. John, MD
  • Joshua Szabo, MD

2002-2003 Fellowship Class

  • Marc R. Labbé, MD
  • Robert E. McLaughlin, MD
  • David E. Stokes, MD
  • Melissa A. Yadao, MD

2001-2002 Fellowship Class

  • Daniel J. Gurley, MD
  • Scott W. Trenhaile, MD
  • Kevin R. Willits, MD
  • Michael Metcalf, MD

2000-2001 Fellowship Class

  • Ron Rook, DO
  • Chris Jones, MD
  • Stefan J. Tolan, MD
  • Kenneth S. Weiss, MD

1999-2000 Fellowship Class

  • Dann C. Byck, MD
  • Frank K. Noojin III, MD
  • Julious P. Smith III, MD
  • George Dexter Wilcott Jr., MD

1998-1999 Fellowship Class

  • Frank B. Norberg, MD
  • Thomas R. Lyons, MD
  • Malcolm J. Stubbs, MD

1998 Fellowship Class

  • Michael J. Moskal, MD

1997-1998 Fellowship Class

  • Patricia Griffith, MD
  • Gregor M. Hawk, MD
  • Robert K. Peterson, MD


  • Mark H. Field, MD
  • Charles W. Hartzog Jr., MD
  • George T. Stollsteimer, MD

1996 Fellowship Class

  • Anthony S. Melillo, MD

1995-1996 Fellowship Class

  • Stephen H. Treacy, MD

1994-1995 Fellowship Class

  • Robert J. Grondel, MD
  • Phillip R. Bacilla Jr., MD
  • Lew W. Papendick, MD

1993-1994 Fellowship Class

  • Christopher D. Miller, MD
fellowship map

I chose MSMOC sports medicine fellowship because I wanted to go to a high volume institution that covered all facets of sports from shoulder/elbow to hip and knee.  I wanted to go somewhere that had a great open shoulder experience.  I feel like this really separates us from a lot of other programs.   Another reason I chose MSMOC was our ability to work with the arthroplasty surgeons.  I plan on doing total joints in practice so having the opportunity to work with experts in the field and build on my skills from residency is invaluable.

I have really enjoyed my year at MSMOC.  The MSMOC family does a great job of incorporating the fellows into all work and social activities and really makes you feel at home.  The relationships that I’ve built with my mentors, co-fellows, athletic trainers, and administrators have helped mold me into a well rounded sports medicine physician.  I’ve learned so much on the field as a team doctor as well as in the operating room.  I feel like the skills I’ve learned in the operating room will really help me excel in practice and allow me to provide top notch care to my patients.  Outside the OR, I’ve learned a lot about the business practice side of orthopaedics and hope to take the MSMOC clinic model with me as I get going in my new practice.  Overall, this has been a great year and I can’t imagine going out on my own with out it.

Justin Hallock, MD Fellowship class of 2019

I chose to do my sports medicine fellowship at MSMOC because it is widely regarded as one of the best fellowships in the country, and there are several great mentors there who are international leaders in the field of sports medicine. I knew that I could expect a high case volume as well as good exposure to complex cases, and I was not disappointed. My fellowship experience at MSMOC gave me great preparation for my subspecialized practice in sports medicine and shoulder arthroplasty, and I felt very prepared for pretty much any case that would come into my clinic even at the outset of my practice. I still regularly reach out to mentors at MSMOC and Tulane regarding more complex cases, and they are always very willing to provide their input. The google forum is also a great place to get input on cases, not just from faculty mentors but also from previous fellows. Overall, the outstanding mentors, excellent case volume and complexity, and the far reaching alumni network really set MSMOC apart for me, and I am proud to have done my fellowship there.

Brian Kelly, MD Fellowship class of 2017

Mississippi Sports Medicine offered world class training by some of the leaders in arthroscopy and sports medicine.  I finished training able to treat a wide breadth of sports-related injuries, from the sidelines to clinic and the operating room.  I would highly encourage anyone interested in looking to subspecialize in sports medicine and arthroscopy to consider Mississippi Sports Medicine for fellowship.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train at MSMOC!

Jacob Miller, MD Fellowship class of 2015

I selected MSMOC because of its world-class faculty across the breath of orthopedic sports medicine specialties. I knew that I would receive top-notch training and would be prepared to tackle the gamut of sports orthopedic pathology seen in practice. A significant additional advantage was exposure to a private practice environment, which helped me to better understand healthcare economics, networking, marketing etc.  These skills are critical for success in practice, and this training is lacking in most orthopedic residency programs and was a great complement to my residency training.

I had a great time during my year at MSMOC.  I learned a ton, developed surgical proficiency and confidence across the breadth of orthopedic sports medicine pathology, and felt the training was a perfect springboard to my subsequent sports medicine career.  My co-fellows were great, and remain trusted friends and colleagues.  Furthermore, the MSMOC faculty became true colleagues, and continue to answer questions and provide timely advice for challenging clinical cases I encounter in practice.

I look back on my year at MSMOC with many fond memories.  The MSMOC surgeons and staff gave me the skills to provide expert care to my patients, and for that I will be ever grateful.  The bond formed with my co-fellows will last the rest of my career, and it is with pride and confidence that I count myself as part of the MSMOC family.

Steven Giuseffi, MD Fellowship class of 2014

The value of a MSMOC fellowship cannot be overstated.  The opportunity to learn in a high surgical volume environment, combined with faculty focused on the provision of high quality care is the magic behind the MSMOC training experience.  I finished fellowship with tremendous confidence in my surgical skills and for that I am eternally grateful.

Lee Murphy, MD Fellowship class of 2013

My fellowship year at MSMOC was a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve surgical skills gained in residency and learn continuously from some of the best surgeons in the world.  I chose MSMOC because of the reputation that preceded it.  Personally knowing several fellows from previous years, I was well aware that their practices and advanced skill sets were the direct result of their time at MSMOC.  I also chose MSMOC because of the faculty/surgeons I would have the opportunity to work with.  I simply could not imagine a more comprehensive and skilled group of men and women from whom to learn.

During the year, what I enjoyed most was the variety of cases I was exposed to. Without a doubt, shoulder and knee surgery was the focus, but the ability to learn hip arthroscopy, elbow arthroscopy, wrist and ankle arthroscopy, as well as open surgical techniques, all the while maintaining the ability to handle basic trauma cases while helping to cover call made this one of the best learning experiences of my life.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to travel to New Orleans and work with Dr. Savoie and his team.  The different perspectives learned at Tulane truly made this a well-rounded fellowship year.

It is difficult to pinpoint only one “vital thing” I learned, but one item that does come to mind is team work and the importance of working closely with your entire, staff, including nurses, MA’s, PA’s, secretaries/receptionists, therapists, cast techs, business office personnel, etc. for the benefit of the patient.  Even the best surgeons on the planet, many of whom you will interact with during your time at MSMOC, cannot do it alone.  Learning this made me a better physician and surgeon upon leaving Jackson and starting practice in 2010.

If you are given the tremendous opportunity to train at MSMOC, take it.  It is a decision you will not regret.

Mark Zunkiewicz, MD Fellowship Class of 2010

Madison G. McCluer
Director of Education and Credentialing
601-354-4488 x 1360

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