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LeiAnn Waters, Age 52

Bentonia, Miss.
Hip Replacement
“At six weeks, I eased back into riding horses. At eight weeks, I was competing again!”

Having hip replacement surgery was the best choice I have ever made. It takes time and effort to heal, but I returned to the active lifestyle I love. I worked very hard at my physical therapy, icing, and honored the restrictions. I knew that it was a crucial element and up to me! Dr. Almand and the entire staff are great, and were all there for me before, during, and after surgery! My hip had arthritis and over time as it worsened, it affected my daily routine. I would be outside after work to walk a few miles, but not for six months before my surgery. Getting on and off my horse was extremely painful. After surgery, I used my love of horses as motivation. At six weeks, Dr. Almand said I could ease into riding. I used a step to get on and off the horse, but at eight weeks I was competing on my cutting horse “Rocker”! Today, I’m motivated, blessed and happy.

–LeiAnn Waters, Age 52


Mark Coon, Age 61

Madison County
Knee Replacement (left and right)
“A whole lot better than I could have ever imagined…”

I don’t struggle with steps any more. When the senior adults I work with expressed concern for me traversing up and down steps, I knew it was time for action. Just four weeks apart, Dr. Mehrle replaced both of my knees. For me the experience was wonderful. Why lay in a hospital when you can be at home in familiar surroundings and at a slow pace? Other than my initial entrance into my home, my wife was able to care for me. The process just worked for me. And for my insurance company, too! They preferred it. The outpatient setting is more like a doctor’s visit; it’s simple from the patient perspective. The staff made sure I was well-informed about what to expect, and it made a difference. Today, I’m in the gym. I run, water-ski, and even jump rope. I take Dr. Mehrle at his word that I can do whatever I want. I’m free.

-Mark Coon, Age 61

Jeff Lever, Age 51

Madison, Mississippi
Hip Replacement
“Even better news is I can get up and walk without any thing….in just 4 days. Unbelievable.”

–Jeff Lever, Age 51

Bob Harris, Age 54

Hip Replacement

–Bob Harris, Age 54

Video Testimonials

Jake Porter, Joe Boyles, Julie Russell
“Outpatient is a real bonus”