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Mississippi Sports Medicine’s Career Page

Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center was founded in 1984. We take Pride in being Mississippi’s first full-service orthopaedic specialty practice, and remains the states leading provider of orthopaedic care today. We are Mississippi’s only full-service provider of specialized orthopaedic care. Our 44,000 sq. ft. health-care facility includes a fully-equipped physical therapy center with a hydro-therapy pool and licensed therapists on-site to guide patients through objective therapy to full recovery. Not only are we surpassing our patient expectations in care due to our infrastructure we also offer:

  • Urgent Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Onsite Digital Imaging
  • Arthritis and Joint Replacement Program
  • Fellowship
  • Athletic Training Outreach Program
  • Strong Community Involvement
  • 6 clinic locations

Joining our team no matter the capacity is a step into a brighter future!

Job Openings

  • Insurance Claim Representative for Medicaid: Must have at least 1 year insurance claim filing experience.
  • My Mobility Coordinator
  • Clinic RN

Please email your resume to and reference the job title in the subject line.