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Outpatient Surgery




We are Mississippi’s only full-service provider of specialized orthopaedic care and proudly are the first orthopaedic group in the state to perform outpatient replacements. Outpatient Joint Replacement is quickly becoming the standard of care as advancements in technique and technology have proven the Ambulatory Surgery Center as a prime setting for Total Joint Arthroplasty.


Outpatient Benefits:

  • No hospital stay

  • Home before dinner on surgery day

  • Rapid recovery in your own home

  • Less expensive

  • Convenient bundled billing for qualified patients

  • Centrally located


Outpatient partial and total joint replacements are now available for hips and knees. Our surgeons perform more partial and total knee and hip replacements than all other orthopaedic surgeons in the state combined.


Our patients are primarily from Mississippi, but patients from all over the Southeast, including Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana also select our doctors. Some of our patients are referred by family or friends and others by their primary care physicians or specialists.


In recent years, advanced techniques and technologies have revolutionized knee and hip replacements allowing more arthritis patients to consider treatments at an earlier time. In many cases, when traditional treatments are not effective, hip and/or knee replacement surgery may be appropriate to stop the pain, increase mobility, and allow a more normal life.


About Hip Replacement


Great advancements have been made in recent years in hip replacement surgery. Perhaps the greatest breakthroughs have been regarding advanced implant materials and much better hip surface bearings. Better hip surface bearings greatly reduce wear which significantly increases the life and longevity of the hip replacement. According to laboratory data, scientists now feel that hip replacements today may last a lifetime.


Minimally invasive and muscle sparing operative techniques, as well as, peri-operative multimodal pain management regimens give our patients minimal pain after surgery and allow for an easier and faster recovery. In addition to faster recovery, there may be potential benefits such as less bleeding and smaller scars for improved cosmetics.


We offer the latest and best approaches in hip replacement combining the precision and accuracy of computer-assisted technology with our surgical skills. We offer computer navigated “mini-incision posterior” hip replacement and anterior hip replacement. With both of these approaches to hip replacement, no muscle is cut, no post-operative hip precautions and patients are mobile the day of surgery. Both approaches also help restore equal leg lengths, normal anatomical position of the new implants, and are equal in their reduced recovery time.


About Knee Replacement


Knee replacement surgery, in recent years, has seen advancements in implant materials, rotating knee bearings, gender-specific knee designs, computer-assisted surgery (CAS), multimodal peri-operative pain control, minimally invasive muscle sparing surgery and partial knee replacements.


Minimally invasive and muscle sparing operative techniques as well as peri-operative pain management regimens give our patients minimal postoperative pain and allow for an easier and faster recovery. In addition to faster recovery, there may be potential benefits such as less bleeding and smaller scars for improved cosmetics. Computer-assisted placement of the prosthesis offers visual mapping to aid decision-making before and throughout the knee replacement operation through a combination of precision computer technology with our surgical skills.


We offer Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty (UKA) or partial knee replacements to patients who have degenerative arthritis isolated to one area of the knee. This procedure preserves two-thirds of the patient’s natural, healthy knee tissue.





Mississippi Sports Medicine is proud to offer consulting services through our Outpatient Orthopedic Solutions. Since 1984, we have been a pioneer in the in field of orthopaedics and have established extensive industry knowledge both clinically and administratively. Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center also has vast experience with Ambulatory Surgery Center leadership and management and currently runs one of the largest and most profitable surgery centers in the country. Our Surgery Center is wholly owned by Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center. As a result of our pioneering position in outpatient joint arthroplasty in the State of Mississippi and becoming a national leader of outpatient orthopedic surgery, our leadership desires to share our insights from our experiences, relationships with vendors, and extended knowledge by offering our premier physicians for consulting, speaking, and training teams in best practices and the newest cutting edge technologies.

We proudly offer solutions to help you plan, construct, implement and expand new programs for your ASC including bundled payments, operating room efficiency, vendor partnership benefits, supply chain management, revenue cycle management, data collection and patient satisfaction.




Meet ROSA, The Surgical Aide for the Best Surgical Navigation and Mississippi Sports Medicine was the first in the United States to use it.


ROSA, our surgical robot, is programmed to create certain movements, which is called surgical navigation, to aid in surgery. Your surgeon is still in control, but the navigation system, and its complementary software, allows your surgeon to align the bones and joint implants with exact measurements not permitted with the naked eye, reduce redundancy in your surgeon's repetitive actions, and also decrease the time needed in the operating room.


The Surgery Center at Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center was the first in the nation to use ROSA to perform outpatient knee replacement surgery.

“It is really nice having that extra set of eyes, even if it is computerized, during the surgery. It makes sure everything is specific and precisely done,” said Dr. Trevor Pickering.

ROSA is a piece of cutting edge technology that is revolutionizing the way doctors perform surgery, and it’s available at Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Centers' Surgery Center.

In 2019, Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center was the only center in the country to carry the machine and Dr. Pickering was the first orthopedic surgeon to put it to use.

“ROSA is a robotic arm that is connected to a very complex computer," the doctor explained. "I can put information into the computer before the surgery so ROSA will assist me during the surgery.”

Visit Dr. Pickering's bio page to see the full WLBT TV Interview.




"I don’t struggle with steps anymore. When the senior adults I work with expressed concern for me traversing up and down steps, I knew it was time for action. Just four weeks apart, Dr. Mehrle replaced both of my knees. For me the experience was wonderful. Why lay in a hospital when you can be at home in familiar surroundings and at a slow pace? Other than my initial entrance into my home, my wife was able to care for me. The process just worked for me. And for my insurance company, too! They preferred it. The outpatient setting is more like a doctor’s visit; it’s simple from the patient perspective. The staff made sure I was well-informed about what to expect, and it made a difference. Today, I’m in the gym. I run, water-ski, and even jump rope. I take Dr. Mehrle at his word that I can do whatever I want. I’m free."
- Mark Coon, Age 61
"Having hip replacement surgery was the best choice I have ever made. It takes time and effort to heal, but I returned to the active lifestyle I love. I worked very hard at my physical therapy, icing, and honored the restrictions. I knew that it was a crucial element and up to me! Dr. Almand and the entire staff are great, and were all there for me before, during, and after surgery! My hip had arthritis and over time as it worsened, it affected my daily routine. I would be outside after work to walk a few miles, but not for six months before my surgery. Getting on and off my horse was extremely painful. After surgery, I used my love of horses as motivation. At six weeks, Dr. Almand said I could ease into riding. I used a step to get on and off the horse, but at eight weeks I was competing on my cutting horse “Rocker”! Today, I’m motivated, blessed and happy."
- LeiAnn Waters, Age 52